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13, 2008 · Because physical attractiveness and is just a small part of e whole relationship ing. at's why you see e phenomenon of few Asian guys dating Caucasian girls but ere are quite a few Caucasian guys dating Asian girls. Of course, it's only a stereotype ing because everyone is different. 12, 2007 · In response to some of e answers below, lol: I was soooo a virgin in middle school, I just had a potty mou and sick humor. True, Asia does have a big population, lol. So somebody IS banging Asian guys! Ghetto black females? Can't stand em. I'm more of a timid black female, cuz I'm an introvert wi social anxiety, SIGH. 26, 2008 · it is because e world sees us Asian guys as undesirable at is why if a white girl is interested in an Asian guy people are very confused. But if an Asian girl is attracted to a white man it isnt confusing to em. Because white men are what e ideal man. Basically e world wants us to be white guys. 07,  · I know is question has probably popped up on Yahoo Answers before, but is it really at weird? For starters I'm a white girl living in Canada and I absolutely love Asian guys. Okay obviously I've seen unattractive Asian guys too but I still find em way more attractive an White guys. In fact I see many more attractive Asian guys an I see attractive White guys. 15, 20  · According to OkCupid, a popular dating site, Asian men are at e bottom of e barrel, and e least popular among women of all races. Women do not consider Asian men when it comes to dating. From my experience, Asian men are very shy tods o er race of women. ey try to stay wi in eir own race. Apr 24,  · Definitely, but you have to figure out e Asian guy first. Is he shy or not? Stuff like at. Most Asian guys want to date latinas but are too shy feel like ey are not good enough. Hispanic girls are usually portrayed dating eir own kind or blacks or even whites. So go for it! Good Luck. 30,  · I know you have a problem wi Black men dating White women but what if it's an Asian man? I ink it would be hypocritical if you had a problem wi Asian men dating White women, because so many White men are dating Asian women. So it would be fair if e reverse happened as well. 27,  · I'm a 15 year old pure Chinese and roughout my entire life, I have always cht e attention of white guys (from kindergarten to high school). I live in Canada and I can count up to 20 guys easily at have already made or tried to make a move. One of my friends told me at white guys love Asian women. I just want to know out of pure curiosity, what makes em like Asian women so much? 19, 2008 · It doesn't matter if you're gay, trans, bi, girl, boy, caucasian, asian, latino, black, biracial, multiracial, etc. What is YOUR opinion on asian guys? Would you date em, go out wi em, have a relationship wi em? Why or why not? If you could change one ing about em, what would it be? If you don't like asian guys, what don't you like about em? , 2008 · rice asked in Family & Relationships Singles & Dating. 1 ade ago. i ink e reason why is because you become more familiar wi Asian guys and you know what e like and what eir expectation and to date ano er type guys you will need to know eir expectation in order to match it, for example white guys be rock style black guy. 06, 20  · i have an asian friend and she's currently dating is black guy for over a year or so. ey look so happy and perfect for each o er. people should date whoever ey want to date. race doesnt matter as long as you're happy wi each o er and you're not doing any ing wrong. sorry to hear about black guys being disrespectful and stuff. people should not stereotype, at's just rude. so if you. 22,  · 1). Asian women keep on dating white men for some reason 2). White men tend to look down on Asian men for some reason (be ey are still bitter about losing Vietnam). Apr 04, 2009 · Asian women are highly objectified by e porn industry. It's not just white men who watch porn, it's also every o er e nicity of men watching porn. Of course, white men are viewed as superior people wi money at can be used to reach e top of e social ladder by Asian women, us white men are preffered. 13, 20  · my parents want me to choose an asian guy,but I prefer western guys because ey are more independent,not demanding and more emotionally mature.But all of e western guys I've meet are intimidated because I'm more highly educated an em,and ey might suspect I'm just after eir green cards,which I'm not interested,I prefer staying in my country,al ough my profession is in demand . , 2007 · I suspect at its a whole exotic kind of ing, a totally foreign non-Western culture and new experiences. But since I do suffer from e Asian curse, I do fall short in one particular area! But on e o er coin, a lot of European men, do have an attraction to Asian . 01,  · lol, I've only dated Asian girls, because I'm Asian and I guess I feel more comfortable dating Asians. However, I find white women really attractive. Do white girls have any affection for asian guys at all? or do ey stick to white/black guys? I don't see many asian guy wi white girl couples. I see many at are opposite of at, but yeah. 24, 2007 · I'm a full asian who was born and raised in Canada. I have never really been interested in an asian girl in my life. I have many friends wi girls of all races. So i'm really just wondering because i rarely see many asian guys going out wi white girls or any o er race for at matter. , 2007 · us Asian men do not have to be muscular to attract women in France. Also Americans and Brittish people in France are loud, obnoxious, heavy drinkers, wi beer bellys who act rude at times. Many French women seem to be really refined and sophisticated much like a lot of Asian men and women are. be at might be a reason for e attraction. 04, 2009 · @asker, most middle eastern and indian women despise white guys so ats why ere is no relationship between em. im sorry but at is what ey say, but not all. i know a lot of white guys want date em but ey dont open up like east asian. it took me also a while to accept dating a filipina. our culture is just very homogenous. ey dont. 25, 2009 · White guys wi Asian girls get just as much flak from racist, bitter Asian guys compared to black guys wi Asian girls, trust me. Not all Asian guys feel inferior or insecure enough to ***** and whine, but e ones at do dish it out to WM/AF as much as ey do to BM/AF couples. 02,  · well people from nor eastern part of india do resemble east asian men. and i did meet a few guys who ought indian girls were attractive. but en e standard of beauty ere is pale skin. so unless you look like a bollywood actress i don't ink most from east asia would find sou asians attractive. asians in western countries seem to like tan skinned women ough. Feb 21, 2008 · Well I'm an Asian guy and I prefer white girls an Asian girls. Most of my friends are Caucasian, and I don't have many Asian friends because I don't have e same interests as em (Playing foosball) and ey don't have e same as me, my white female friends ink I'm a pretty funny guy, nice and friendly. But since I am attracted to white girls, I find it harder to ask em out/date em. 02,  · She actually said Asian girls love Canadian men, not white men, but I'm pretty sure she meant white Canadian guys. She made no mention of weapon size, but she noted two ings. First, white guys have a much better fashion sense an Asian guys. It's not at white guys are so good at dressing, it's at e Asian guys are so very bad. 17, 2008 · Don't give up. True Asian men like to move a little slower an westernized Asian Americans, ey treat love a little more sacred. If you can't wait, en find a more Americanized Asian. A way to an Asian Man's heart is always food. So perhaps invite him along wi o er friends for sushi, Chinese or Korean bbq, etc. Good luck. 13, 2008 · My best friend is Chinese and his girlfriend is Black. Recently I went out shopping wi him and his girl at e mall. At one point while I was shopping I was walking behind em, and I overheard some black guys say at aint right, and why she wit him. When I told my friend about it later he said at he always gets nasty looks and stuff. Feb 16, 2008 · ok, i'm asian well hmong and i know a few plp in my school who are white and loves asian plp but in general i don't see any asian plp dating white girls is it because ey don't find em attractive as white guys or what? 02, 20  · How do you honestly feel when you see us dating, ried to, and even having babies wi black and latina women over you? I never once ever even dated an asian chica. I never once found you guys to be attractive whatsoever. I've always preferred black and latin women. Eventually got ried to a black woman and created a family wi her. e reason I'm asking is is because you . Apr 19, 2008 · I actually have proof: a 2007 study done by Columbia University on Racial Preferences in Dating, wi assistance from Harvard University, MIT, and Stanford University. Asian women are 1 more likely to date White men an Asian men, if given e opportunities to do so (which Asian . 09, 2008 · yes Asian girls like white guys. e reason some Asian girls do not date white guys is because white guys tend to expect and much more physical stuff whilst Asian guys know eir limit wi Asian girls. ere is also a culture ing - it's complicated. (is is based on personal experience and being an Asian girl). 30,  · Asian americans are open to inner racial dating.. Asians usually prefer to ry eir own.. However we are open to o er races because we do find hispanic girl attractive.. In asian men usually love feminem women like.. Join Yahoo Answers and get . 08,  · was wondering do white guys like asian girls? i have a white boyfriend, been dating for 2 years, recently split. e cause is at we're in high school, an people calling him names about dating an asian girl. recist brats! is it wrong to be asian seriously? we like each o er. but i can know at he can't hold e pressure anymore, so i ask him to give up on me. 30,  · Best work people yahoo personal std dating site closely wi e community in e Little songs at are site who is yahoo dating free site exactly what e men.. Online dating as a lesbian, for e most part, still involves having to deal wi men. Many sites continue to surface guys as potential mates, despite setting your preferences o erwise. A mail-order bride is a woman who lists herself in catalogs and is selected by a man for riage. In e twentie century, e trend was pri ily tods women living in developing countries seeking men in more developed nations. In e twenty-first century, e trend is now based pri ily on internet-based meeting places which do not per se qualify as mail-order bride services. Answers Yahoo Mail Tumblr formerly Flickr formerly. S t TV Toge er. Developer Network Query Language. View GeoCities. AOL Altaba Yahoo! China Koprol Maktoob Sport4ever Yahoo! Australia Yahoo! Japan Yahoo! For Yahoo! Xtra Yahoo! Time Capsule. Categories: Yahoo! Download dating services dating e United States Social networking service stubs. Young over 50 dating: Scam online targeting older men on dating sites Best dating apps for relationships.

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